"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."-- Leonardo da Vinci 

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 Successful Adoptions in 2010

What is Kittenaide? 

Do you have any of the items that the foster homes need?

Links, What to feed your kitten/cat, RainbowBridge Memorials, Fun Pages, Etc.

Upcoming Events, like the Colasanti's Yearly All You Can Eat Pasta, Yard Sales, Etc.

Please sign our guestbook and feel free to make suggestions on how we can better ourselves!


To Make aContribution towards Kittenaide Medical Expenses:
Make cheques payable to: 
Leamington Animal Hospital
Re:Kittenaide account
send to: Leamington Animal Hospital,
35 John Street,
Leamington, Ont N8H 1H3
Use Paypal to make a donation to Kittenaide to paydown existing medical expenses!

Join us at Colasanti's 
Date to be announced!

There will be a bake sale and a cattail auction!
The funds raised from this benefit will go towards the existing medical expenses at Leamington Animal Hospital!

We strongly urge everyone to have all strays and household pets spayed or neutered.
This is the only way that our community will be able to overcome feral and stray cats breeding and producing unwanted kittens.
If you see someone dropping a cat or kitten off ....  Please obtain their license plate number 
AND REPORT them to the Humane Society!!!!

A special thanks to George Kasica of http://www.netwrx1.com 
for hosting this website and setting up the new domain

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